Monday, 24 October 2016

CPE Cambridge English Proficiency Exam 2017 Sample of an Essay

Submitted by Maria L

Read the two texts below. Write an essay summarising and evaluating the key points from both texts. Use your own words throughout as far as possible and include your own ideas in your answers. Use 240-280 words.

Friday, 21 October 2016

CPE Cambridge Proficiency Exam 2017 Article Sample

Submitted by Sybille

An online environmental magazine has asked readers to send in articles about places of natural beauty that they have visited. You decide to write an article describing what you saw there and evaluating its importance as a place of natural beauty.

280-320 words

Beauty beyond expectations: 
South Africa

It is sadly a well known fact that the environment has been severely damaged over the last few years.  But have you ever wondered whether unscathed and beautiful places can still be found on planet Earth ?

I have had the opportunity to travel to the 4 corners of the world over the last few years, as part of my job as a scientist. I have seen countless amazing landscapes, but never before had I experienced such a wonderful moment as when I set foot in South Africa. A place of incredible natural beauty.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

CPE Cambridge Proficiency Exam 2017 Essay Sample

Submitted by Aline Oliveira

Picture is from the book: Cambridge English Proficiency 2.

Essay on the meaning of 


Both texts discuss the meaning of Home, highlighting its importance in different aspects. The first text argues that home is the place where we feel at ease, while the second one supports the idea that, even for people who enjoy going out a lot, the place where they live is always a reflection of its personality.

The first text rises up the argument that people nowadays lead extremely active lives and that for this reason they see their homes as a place where they can escape from stress. Staying in they can connect to themselves and enjoy either a moment of solitude or a nice conversation with their families.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Article Sample for the CPE Proficiency in English Cambridge exam 2017

Submitted by Maria Victoria Ferrer

What are the attractions of going on a cruise?
Write an article discussing this topic. Be sure you talk about the facilities, the destinations and the possible effects on your health.
Use between 240-280 words

4 good reasons to go on a cruise 

The way I see it, cruises can be an amazing experience. They have developed such an excellent reputation over the years that it has come to the point that they are the first choice to travel for over 22 million people, according to last year’s statistics. This is not just a coincidence.

First of all, cruices have incredible facilities, such as huge decks which allow passengers to enjoy the spectacular views of the open sea and the sunset, enormous pools filled with clear warm water, and bars just a few steps away from the dormitories. What else can a person ask for?

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Submitted by Nunzia leonardi

1,The Financial Costs of Stress

Research carried out by the Health and Safety Council estimates that stress and mental illness continues to be neglected by many businesses, both small and large. And the economic impact of this is huge, costing employers around £26bn a year. Stress at work can lead to a lack of concentration, fatigue and low motivation, all of which will cost the company in terms of low productivity, customer satisfaction and the very reputation of the company itself. Employers are being urged to become more "emotionally intelligent" and to improve the way they deal with stress and mental illness.

2.Speak up about Stress   

Many people find it difficult to talk about their feelings, particularly if we're feeling weak or vulnerable. However, when suffering from stress it’s vital you seek help. It's important to feel you can talk honestly with a close friend, a loved one, a work colleague or doctor about what’s going on. Stress is easily diagnosed and there is plenty you can do to successfully treat and manage stress. One of the most effective of these is to share your feelings with those you trust. Remember that accepting help and support is not a sign of weakness. Close relationships are vital to helping you get through this tough time.

Write your essay in 240-280 words.

Essay on stress

Both texts are related to the social problem of stress and mental illnesses, but they focus on different aspects. The first one underlines the impact of stress at the work place and the financial consequences of ignoring it. While the second one remarks the importance of acknowledging the problem and talking about it as a strategy to deal with it.

Regarding stress at work, when facing a condition of stress, a worker will not be able to maintain his normal standard of productivity because of a lack of energy and concentration. In the worst case scenario, this may also expose the worker and his colleagues to the risk of work-accidents. We have also to consider other possible damages affecting the reputation of the company, which may result in a loss of customers.